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On this page you can see short video clips of every catalogue we are offering to our customers.

Every VivaMK brochure has got its own range. To find out what the catalogues are entailing click on each individual video.

Personalised Gifts include fantastic gift ideas for any occasion.

Every product will be personalised direct at warehouse before the dispatch to our customers

VivaMK Personalised Gifts

The Aromatherapy catalogue gives you products you will love. Products that are important for your wellbeing, you want to relax with or are great for the senses.


VivaMK Aromatherapy

Be inspired with our range in the You & Yours catalogue.

See gorgeous and unique home decor, lovely bedding, enjoy our range of diffusers and fragranced spa and sprays. A catalogue you will enjoy to browse. 

VivaMK You and Yours

Our Beauty Catalogue features a wide range of products of Make Up, Nail Varnishes, skincare, wellbeing and more. Many products are vegan friendly.

VivaMK Beauty

Believe in you is a brand-new products featuring VivaMK branded products. From Health to Eco-Friendly and Vegan-Friendly products, to pet  products, Spa and Household cleaning products.

Believe in your VivaMK catalogue

Our Serenity catalogue offers you stylish and beautiful candles, diffuser and room sprays by Sophia Gift Collection

VivaMK Serenity catalogue

The Houseproud catalogue should not be missed. That catalogue features a wide range of household cleaning products, Antibacterial products, great helpers you could use in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, but also various Eco- and Vegan products.

VivaMK Houseproud Catalogue

The Outdoor & Pets is the perfect catalogue when you want to decorate your garden, want products that look after your plants, or simply you are looking for products to spoil your pets.

VivaMK Outdoor and Pets catalogue

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